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Rick Holiday, who accuses everyone else of scamming, appears to have some serious dirty laundry of his own.

We have uncovered a major fraud that he committed against Edenhurst Gallery in Palm Desert California.

One partner, who does not want his name mentioned, because he fears Rick's "violence and deceit", claims Holiday and his crew threatened and defrauded the gallery out of $51,237 dollars.

Now that Morro Bay police know, expect Holiday to have a visit to his downtown Paso Robles apartment.

Lots of folks are realizing Holiday is a manipulative *** man, with a long history of scams. If anyone wants to submit their stories about Rick Holiday to an upcoming article, please search the web to contact me.

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Ok, so thank you Brian. I have a lien on Rick Holliday and can now take the steps needed to see it satisfied.

I see people going to Dan Dow. I came to a civil judgement against Rick, but will contact the DA to report my story.


He broke into my shop stole my gun money and 2000 in property

to Anonymous #1384542

First things first. This was written by Brian Der Garabedian who was thrown out of my shop for not paying the rent.

Brian is angry and this is his revenge, to post B.S.

on the web. Grow up and get a life Brian.

to Rick Holliday #1384637

Rick is a liar and there is no {{Redacted}}.

Rick was convincing us to do scams for years, and we finally got sick of this ***.

Dan Dow now has a file on Rick Holliday and Holliday is being investigated for fraud.

I kept a file on my computer and also recorded and filmed Rock Waknin Holliday ripping off Edenhurt Gallery and others. Thats grand theft.

David Nelson was also taped scheming with Rick.

I do not use {{Redacted}} and Rick is lying. The DA and I meet next week.

to Rick Holliday #1384639

Dan Dow gets my file next week. You are going down Rick Evan Waknin Holiday.

San Luis Obispo, California, United States #1242384

Today 11-16-16 Rick Holliday has Felony pending charges against him in SLO court with a $40,000 bail warrant

to Anonymous #1384545

The $40,000 bail was recalled by the judge when he learned that the D.A. (Dan Dow) sent the notice to appear to the wrong address.

This can be fact checked with the Superior Court in San Luis Obispo.

This is another attempt by Brian Der Garabedian to harass me. {{Redacted}}

San Luis Obispo, California, United States #1242382

Today Rick Holliday was a FTA in court so the judge issued a $40,000 warrant against him in San Luis Obispo county!

He has several pending cases going on in this one court system alone!

to Busted 1 #1384547

See above, the Judge recalled the bail for failure to notify me. However, Brian Der Garabedian is the kind of son who sues his parents because they had to repo their truck back because you failed to make payments!

So you tried to sue them for it and lost!

The judge was clear with you and the fact that you failed at your pathetic attempt to sue your parents is all that needs to be said! Pay your bills, stop telling lies and get a life!

Campbell, California, United States #1227764

He will be arrested any day I'm told... It's been two years of investigative work by the detectives but they caught him!

to Anonymous #1384548

Brian Der Garabedian is just mad because he was caught filming a *** at his office in Morro Bay and was removed by myself and the owner of the property. Brian will say and do anything as he continues to throw his temper tantrums like the child he is. Brian is an {{Redacted}} and clearly needs help!

Campbell, California, United States #1227763

Well he finally got a felony and a few misdemeanor charges against him and his Partner David Nelson

to Busted 1 #1384721

Now Dan Dow is alerted. They are interested in any other victims of Rick Holliday.

Grover Beach, California, United States #1145981

He is now living at 60 Rincon Ct. in Grover Beach with a woman named Lori Knerr, defrauding owners of their property!

to Living with Lori Knerr #1175045

This is complete *** and don't believe everything you read on the internet. Joseph E.

Terrian is Lori Knerr's ex boyfriend and he is just mad that he has to pay his bills now!

to Anonymous #1384813

You ripped of peoples tools, and more.

The SLO DA's office is being asked by a number of victims to investigate you.

Rick Holliday, you burned one too many people!

Time to meet Bubba in prison.

to Living with Lori Knerr #1384550

Again, just more B.S. from Brian Der Garabedian and your comments about defrauding owners of their property is what you do, just ask Knut or Joseph or Chanel or your parents and the list goes on and on and on......This is why you have no friends! Please seek help with your {{Redacted}}.

to Rick Holliday #1384703

Hi Rick. Its Joe.

I am contacting Dan Dow about all this. I also read up in the 50k scam you pulled on Eden gallery.

Nice move.

Looks like Brian is also in touch and let me do some more research and find more of your victims. You are going down hard you {{REDACTED}}.

to Joe Terrian #1384815

Joseph, hi.

I sent you an email with a large file from my alt, and its got videos and screen shots, emails, etc.

A copy is also going to Dan Dow.

I also have a victims list and 2 on it have also contacted Dow

Rick the little *** Holliday is clueless. While he was video taping everything. I was collecting evidence on him !

to Rick Holliday #1384812

My reply is here. Leave my parents out of this.

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